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Texas distracted driving laws and liability for negligent drivers

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Personal Injury

Distracted driving causes injuries and death on roadways throughout Texas and the rest of the country. Drivers should be familiar with distracted driving laws in Texas and should follow them. If they do not, they may be liable for harm they cause in an accident. Likewise, victims of distracted drivers should be familiar with the legal protections available to them.

Distracted driving laws in Texas

Texas has laws prohibiting distracted driving including:

  • It is illegal to text while driving everywhere in Texas and some cities in Texas have banned all cell phone use while driving;
  • Texas drivers cannot send or receive any form of electronic message while driving in Texas;
  • It is illegal for Texas drivers to use handheld cell phone devices while driving in a school zone;
  • School bus drivers in Texas are prohibited from using cell phones while driving if children are present;
  • Texas drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using handheld cell phone devices; and
  • Texas drivers with learner’s permits are prohibited from using cell phones for their first six months of driving.

It is important for all drivers to follow distracted driving laws to help keep roadways safe. Drivers should not use their cell phones while driving and should pull off the road and come to a complete stop to text and should not return to the roadway until they are done with any text conversation they are engaged in.

Remedies for victims of distracted driving accidents

Drivers who fail to follow these rules and cause a distracted driving-related car accident, may be considered negligent and may be liable to compensate victims, or loved ones of victims, for their damages. Victims of distracted drivers may be able to recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages which are important protections to be aware of.