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Who Is To Blame For A Rideshare Accident?

It’s hard to pin down blame in almost any accident, and it is especially hard in rideshare cases. Rideshares have a complex business model, and it is assumed that the driver takes on a lot of the liability risk. However, that’s not exactly correct for several reasons.

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Timing Matters As Much As Any Other Factor

Texas law requires rideshare drivers to carry specialized insurance. This insurance acts in three scenarios:

  • When a driver is using the app and waiting for a passenger
  • When a driver is driving to a pickup
  • When they are driving with a passenger

In each scenario, the amount a potential accident victim can recover changes. Most are available when driving with a passenger or on the way to pick up a passenger, where the maximum coverage is $1,000,000 of injury and property damage per accident.

Common Causes Of Uber And Lyft Accidents

The issue is that the causes of rideshare accidents aren’t any different than for any other type of car accident. However, since Uber and Lyft drivers are constantly on the road, they have many more opportunities for fatigue or speeding or bad luck.

Distractions are especially common as rideshares are dependent on an app, meaning that drivers often have the app drawing their eyes from the road. Even if they are practicing safe app usage, there’s always the chance of a sudden change impacting their concentration.

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