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Railroad Accidents Are Legally Complex

Whenever a railroad accident happens, you will see massive numbers of injured people and significant property damage. As a side aspect of those realities is a bit of a “blame game” on why the accident may have happened. Unfortunately, the recovery of the injured will often require settling the blame game.

At Mattox Law Firm PLLC, our attorneys understand all too well the struggles facing those suffering personal injuries in the Houston area. The legal complexities facing you after a train accident in Texas are intimidating. Our lawyers can confront those challenges head-on and help you develop a plan to move forward.

What Causes A Train Crash?

What train operators, companies and governments argue over when an accident happens is the initial cause. Determining what the cause is will help identify who is responsible for the payout for injured people. All parties have a vested interest in determining the reason for a crash, which can be:

  • Train equipment problems
  • Issues with the tracks from lack of maintenance
  • Human failure
  • Obstructions on the tracks, such as stalled cars

Additionally, each of the “causes” of an accident might have other causes. Perhaps negligent security led to an obstruction, or distraction led to inaction during an emergency. Each scenario branches out into a new possibility for “fault.”

Our lawyers are skilled at doggedly following the evidence to find the ultimate responsible party.

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Amid all the questions about who is at fault, your pain is often the last thing anyone thinks about. When you work with us, we understand that you are suffering and you have lost so much. We work hard for you so you can regain some control of what is ahead.

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