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Referring Attorneys

Many of the clients that we represent were referred to us by other attorneys. It is very common that a client will consult a lawyer who they know from a past representation, church or social media.

However, if that trusted lawyer does not primarily practice personal injury cases and litigation, that lawyer may refer the client to our firm for joint representation.

The client never pays additional fees for the referring attorney’s involvement. We divide fees with the referring attorney, and the client gets two law firms for the fee of one.

Referring attorneys play an integral part in the success of the case, in that, they have the existing relationship with the client and can continue to foster that relationship by working the file and providing the client with status updates.

We enjoy working with attorneys and their clients. If you have a case that you would like to discuss, you can reach us by telephone at 832-803-0427 or by completing the form. We look forward to joining forces with you and providing your client with the justice that they deserve.