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Are Truck Accidents More Complex?

Truck accidents are much more complex than car crashes. There are many reasons for that level of complexity, but it all amounts to a much harder time getting the money you need for your medical bills. It’s isolating, but you’re not alone.

At Mattox Law Firm PLLC, we’re skilled, compassionate attorneys helping people across Houston deal with car crash injuries. We’re known for our truck accident representation and have developed a reputation for consistent, comprehensive advocacy in these extremely complex issues.

What Makes Truck Accidents So Complex?

Across Texas, truck crashes leave people in serious pain and in need of extensive help. But fault in a truck accident isn’t like fault in a car accident. There are many parties involved in the maintenance and operation of a truck. They include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking company owners
  • Warehouse owners who supply and pack the vehicle.
  • Vendors who require delivery on a set schedule.

Additionally, the roads that trucks may use are carefully regulated and must have regular maintenance. There is a lot at work at all times to ensure commercial vehicles operate effectively. If there is a failure in any part, accidents happen.

What really complicates the issues is that rarely is there only one issue. Often truck accidents come from a combination of several failures. Our lawyers are skilled at reviewing the evidence and pursuing compensation from the responsible parties.

Texas 2023 Truck Accident Statistics

Truck accidents are distressingly common in Texas. The most recently compiled statistics are for 2022. That year, there were 19,424 total accidents involving large trucks. A full 7,517 of those crashes resulted in injuries. A total of 692 people lost their lives in fatal truck accidents.

The biggest concern here is that Texas had the highest number of fatal and injury accidents out of any state. The closest was California, with 459 fatalities and 4,172 injuries. Notably, Texas had a population of 30,029,572 in 2022, while California had a population of 39,029,342. So, even though there are 25% fewer people living in Texas, it still had around 250 more fatalities and 3,300 more injuries in truck accidents. The injury and fatality rate in Texas, therefore, is far higher than the rate in California and other states.

One-Third Of All Truck Drivers Will Experience A Wreck

When you look at truck accident rates overall, it becomes clear that serious accidents are common. Many drivers work in this industry for years or even decades. Throughout their careers, about one out of every three drivers – roughly 33% – gets involved in an accident.

These accidents happen for many reasons, from speeding to driver distraction to improper maintenance and training. Every accident is unique, but the stats do show that those in passenger vehicles are more likely to suffer injuries – or lose their lives – in fatal accidents than truck drivers themselves.

How Mattox Law Firm Can Help

It can be daunting to look at the truck accident statistics, knowing the risks you face every time you share the road with these oversized vehicles. If you get injured, you need a compassionate and experienced team on your side. That’s what we offer at Mattox Law Firm PLLC, where we help you navigate a complex legal landscape after a serious crash.

Frequently Asked Truck Accident Questions

At Mattox Law Firm PLLC, we focus on offering our clients as much information as possible, educating them about their legal options so that they can make the ideal decisions in their unique situations. When it comes to truck accidents in Texas, here are a few of the common questions we hear.

How many truck accidents are there in Texas?

Texas had the highest number of truck accident injuries out of any state in 2022. There were a total of 7,517 truck accidents, resulting in at least minor injuries. Many involved serious and even fatal injuries.

What is the main cause of truck accidents in Texas?

As with car accidents in general, the main reason for most crashes is driver error. This includes mistakes like running a red light, making an unsafe lane change or even driving under the influence. Some accidents are also caused by trucking companies that pressure drivers to work faster or do not provide the proper training and vehicle maintenance.

Where do most truck accidents happen in Houston?

Many truck accidents happen on the interstate. In Houston, Interstate 10 is especially dangerous. Intersections also see a high number of accidents just because vehicles have to cross paths – and because trucks are notorious for making very wide turns.

How many truck accidents are caused by semi trucks?

Every accident is unique, but there are thousands of truck accidents every year. Our experienced and compassionate team can help you explore your options if you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a semi truck and/or the trucking company.

Who is liable for a truck accident in Texas?

Truck drivers themselves are often liable for the accidents they cause when they make mistakes like following too closely or using handheld devices while driving. In other cases, the company may be liable. Perhaps the load wasn’t secured properly, for instance, or maybe the truck needed maintenance to operate safely. Learn more at a free consultation.

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