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You Can Still Get Compensation Even If The Other Driver Is Uninsured

In Texas, it is illegal to operate an uninsured vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, that does not stop people from doing it. However, if you get into a crash with someone who doesn’t have insurance, you do still have some ability for compensation for your injuries.

At Mattox Law Firm PLLC, our attorneys help clients recover compensation after car accident injuries. We are dedicated and consistent advisers and strong advocates for our clients across Houston. In an uninsured car crash case, you will have several challenges that you wouldn’t in another type of case.

Uninsured Drivers Usually Do Not Have The Resources To Cover Significant Injuries

A person who does not ensure their vehicle is in violation of the law in Texas. However, such a violation is not always from a “moral” place. The most common reason that a person does not have car insurance is that they cannot afford it. If a person cannot afford insurance, they certainly cannot afford to pay for devastating hospital bills out of pocket.

Your Lawsuit Will Be Against Your Own Insurance Company

Every driver in Texas has the option of selecting an uninsured driver policy. This means that the company must offer it to you. However, recovering that money may be rather difficult, and the insurance company may fight you.

There Are Limits To Uninsured Accident Insurance

Texas law requires drivers to have a 30/60 policy for uninsured drivers. That is $30,000 per person and $60,000 total for injuries. However, medical bills can very quickly use up that money, especially if the injuries are extensive.

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