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Three things to know about slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Personal Injury

Slip-and-fall accidents are common, but some cause victims to suffer serious injuries that result in lifelong disabilities and pain. When a Houston resident is involved in a slip-and-fall incident, they may wonder if they have any options for recovering their losses through damages and other forms of compensation. Their best source for advice on such legal matters may be a personal injury lawyer who practices in the state of Texas and who can advise them of their rights under premises liability laws.

Though this post offers no legal advice to its readers, it does provide some straightforward facts about slip-and-fall accidents and premises liability laws in general. The outcomes of premises liability claims can vary, and reader should understand that the facts and circumstances of their individual cases will influence whether they are successful in the persons recovering their damages.

Fact #1: The status of the victim can influence their right to recover damages

Generally, a trespassing victim in a premises liability accident will not be able to recover their losses because they did not have permission to be in the place where their accident happened. Usually victims of premises liability accidents, including slip-and-fall accidents, are invited to be on the properties where their accidents happen or at least have permission to enter the properties before they are harmed. Without implicit or explicit permission to be in a specific location, a victim of a slip-and-fall accident may not have options for recovering their damages.

Fact #2: Property owners have duties to keep their properties reasonably safe

When a property owner knows that someone will be coming on to their property or into their home, they have a duty to make their property reasonably safe. That can mean fixing damage or warning their visitor of potential hazards within their property. Failing to do so may cause an individual to suffer premises liability-based losses and give them rights to sue for the recovery of their damages.

Facts #3: Slip-and-fall accidents can be serious with significant costs

Though some slip-and-fall accidents are minor and cause victims few injuries, others are serious and can result in permanent physical losses. The costs of treating and living with a long-term slip-and-fall injury can be significant, and not all victims are prepared to pay the costs of their medical care out of pocket. In situations where premises liability accidents occur because of the negligence of property owners, victims may have rights to seek compensation to make themselves whole in the wake of their slip-and-fall accidents.