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How washing your car could prevent a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Personal Injury

The days of people spending Saturdays washing their cars are long gone. Most now take them to a carwash. Yet, doing it yourself gives you vital information about the mechanical state of your vehicle.

Mechanical faults can lead to crashes. For instance, if your wheel fell off because the wheel nuts were loose, you would crash. If your brakes failed because its hose leaked, you would crash. 

Cleaning and polishing your ride requires you spend time looking at your vehicle inch by inch. When you crouch down at ground level brushing the dirt off your tires, you will notice a loose wheel nut. You will spot the frayed brake hose when you have your head under the hood polishing the engine block.

Proving the percentage of fault is crucial in a Texas car crash

If you get injured in a car crash, the more fault you can attribute to the other driver, the better. 

The amount you can claim will go down for every percentage of fault they can attribute to you. For example, say that you need to recover $100,000 to pay your medical bills. If the other driver’s insurer can show you were 20% to blame for the accident, you can only get $80,000 maximum, leaving you with a $20,000 shortfall.

Percentages of fault are even more critical when both drivers are equally to blame. If they can show you were more than 50% to blame, you might be unable to file a claim against their insurance.

Finding a mechanical fault in the other driver’s car that they were unaware of could be the difference between getting adequate compensation for your injuries or being left paying out of pocket.